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My Perfect Child

As my children were born,
I wanted them to be perfect.
When they were babies,
I wanted them to smile and be content
     playing with their toys.
I wanted them to be happy and to laugh continually
     instead of crying and being demanding.
I wanted them to see the beautiful side of life.

As they grew older,
I wanted them to be giving instead of selfish.
I wanted them to skip the terrible twos.
I wanted them to stay innocent forever.
As they became teen-agers,
I wanted them to be obedient and not rebellious, mannerly and not mouthy.
I wanted them to be full of love, gentle and kind-hearted.
"Oh, God, give me a child like this" was often my prayer.
One day he did. Some call him handicapped... I call him Perfect!!

— Author Unknown —


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